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Access global markets through our front to back proprietary platforms from order management, execution, risk management to post-trade services with our award-winning terminals and portals.

For our sell-side broker partners we have developed state-of-the-art web and mobile apps that can be deployed to their end clients either as white-label solutions or co-branded with GTN Middle East Financial Services (DIFC) Limited.

GTN Web Application

GTN Web is feature rich trading application offering a one-of-a kind access to global markets for active investors.

GTN Web supports advanced trading and order management features, multi-markets and multi-asset classes execution capabilities, world-class charting tools, positions and portfolio reports, and many other value-added features and functions.


GTN Web includes real time symbol alerts, research reports, news and content giving you the upper hand in the fast-moving trading world.

  • Market Data, Charts, News & Company Information

  • Local Language Configuration

  • Trading – New Orders, Amend, Cancel

  • Real-Time Account / Portfolio Information

  • Online Statements – Cash & Holding

Web screens.png
Mobile Screens 2.png
Mobile Screens 2.png

GTN Mobile Application

GTN Mobile is built as a native application which can run on iOS and Android allowing easy order management, trading and monitoring of your account on the go. 


Manage and trade your account from anywhere. You can keep up with the markets, manage orders, monitor account balances, get updates on real-time news, announces and alerts.


GTN Web includes all the features you need to be an effective trader in the today’s fast-moving market, from anywhere.

  • Market Data, Charts, News & Company Information

  • Local Language Configuration

  • Trading – New Orders, Amend, Cancel

  • Real-Time Account / Portfolio Information


  • Online Statements – Cash & Holding

GTN Dealer Terminal

GTN Dealer Terminal (DT) is a feature rich client application supporting order management, execution and advanced workflows in the dealing room.


GTN DT comprises of sophisticated functions and innovative tools allowing you to enhance productivity, efficiency and benefits the capacity of making decision for the dealers.


The features include rapid and advanced order placements, supports trading in multi-markets and multi-asset classes, world-class charting and analytical tools, real-time customer cash accounts with portfolio reports and many more order management tools.​

  • Broker Front-End Terminal

  • Orders as per authorized dealers

  • Workspace customization

  • Pre-Trade Risk Management

  • Real-Time Account/Portfolio Information

  • Real-Time order blotter

DT Monitors.png
AT Screens.png

GTN Admin Terminal

GTN Admin Terminal (AT) combines all core back-office and operations functionality, acting as the admin interface to the OMS.


It ties all the back-office components together and offers the OMS a fully-fledged client server system with remarkable functionalities, including tools, notifications and a broad range of reports.

  • Customer Account Management

  • Orders, Holdings and Customer Reports

  • Cash & Stock Management

  • Deposits, Withdrawals & Transfer

  • Corporate Actions

  • Fees and Commissions Management

GTN Client Back Office

GTN Client Back Office (CBO) allows for the storage and management of clients’ sensitive data on premise. This assures our partners that their clients sensitive data stays undisclosed to or accessed by GTN Middle East Financial Services (DIFC) Limited.


GTN CBO is deployed on premise to ensure that customers sensitive data is secured while still available for display in trading and administration frontend tools.

GTN DT and GTN CBO are synched for customer transaction related data. GTN DT and Customer Online Registration Application connect to GTN CBO to exchange and store customers’ sensitive data.

  • Storing and managing customer sensitive information

  • Sync data and sending notifications to customers

  • Displaying sensitive data in client applications

CBO 4.png

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